Shri N. Sugalchand Jain:scj

Shri N. Sugalchand Jain is a successful entrepreneur who has diverted a part of profits from his business ventures to serve the weaker sections of the society. Through the Singhvi Charitable Trust, over the years, he has been assisting the weaker sections of the society, particularly in the field of medicine and education. More recently the trust is concentrating on assisting the visually challenged through the supply of medicines and spectacles entirely free of cost through camps held at remote rural areas and urban slums. Shri Jain has devoted a good portion of his time and resources to serve the public at large both in Chennai and in major cities of India as also his native town of Siyat in Rajasthan.

The group of companies of which Shri Jain is a major partner has been providing financial assistance for past few years of more than Rs.10 Crores to individuals and institutions rendering service to the members of the poorer sections of the community all over the country. These institutions include the Cancer Institute & Sankara Nethralaya at Chennai, the Dharm Shila Cancer Hospital, New Delhi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Institute of Kidney Diseases & Research Centre at Ahmedabad and Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Samithi, Jaipur. More recently he has embarked on a project to provide shelter to the patients at the gates of the Cancer institute- Chennai, who gather in the earlier hours of the day before entering the hospital and who would otherwise have been exposed to the vagaries of elements.
Smt. S. Chandrabai, wife of Shri Sugalchand Jain, in spite of being in her sixties, and having to look after her family, has contributed substantially to the development of the activities of the various charitable trusts set up by the family. The whole Singhvi family works hard, apart from their regular lives, to serve the poor community to fulfill the dreams of their parents Late Sri Nathmal Singhvi & Late Smt Jadavbai Nathmal Singhvi. The family members of the Trustees have also been towers of strength to the Trust in designing, implementing and streamlining its activities. They stand shoulder to shoulder with Shri Sugalchand Jain in all his activities and have been of immense moral support to him.

Shri Prasanchand Jain:


Shri Prasanchand Jain is the eldest son of Shri Sugalchand Jain. Shri Prasanchand Jain in his early thirties is a commerce graduate from the Madras University. Apart from running individual businesses entrusted to his care successfully, he is actively associated with his father in almost all the latter’s interests. These include lottery organizing, real estate and housing, agro farms, hire purchase and finance on the business side and all the charitable trusts in which his father is interested. He is one of the Founder Trustees of Vidhya Jyothi Trust. Shri Prasanchand Jain serve as Trustee in other Singhvi group of Charitable Trusts also.

Shri Vinodh Kumar:vkj

Shri Vinodh Kumar is the younger son of Shri Sugalchand Jain. Shri Vinodh Kumar is also a commerce graduate from the Madras University and actively involves himself both formally and informally in all the activities, businesses and charitable trusts, with which his father and his brother are associated. He has recently taken over as Executive Director of the Sugal & Damani Shares and Stock Brokers Ltd. and has made its function a tremendous success within a short period. Shri Vinodh Kumar also serve as Trustee in other Singhvi group of Charitable Trusts.

Shri Pramod Jain:ppj

Shri Pramod Jain is the Son of Shri Prasanchand Jain. Shri. Pramod Jain, born on 15th May 1988, completed his Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Centre for Management Studies (CMS), Jain Group of Institutions (JGI), Bangalore and MBA in Family Managed Business from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. Shri. Pramod Jain has gained considerable business acumen and is actively supporting his other family members in their Philanthropy Activities. Shri. Pramod Jain also serve as Trustee in other Singhvi Group of Charitable Trusts.

Shri Pratik Jain:vpj

Shri Pratik Jain is the son of Shri S Vinodh kumar Born on 30.11.1994,   Shri Pratik Jain has completed his BBA in Loyola College. He has gained considerable business acumen and is supporting his other family members in their philanthropy activities.